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Here are some of the comments we have received from those who have read WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY. 

 “This book is really neat and it is laid out in a really easy format for somebody to understand the basic principles that were used by our Founding Fathers to form our government. It is great! It’s a great resource. My daughter, age 9, could read this easily.  The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Founding Father quotes…It’s all in there!  Very well done!” (Lee Michaels, KKMS Radio)

"I want to thank you for being on the Sue Jeffers show. This is a great resource for families.Our schools and the media have slowly omitted these lessons and our children aren't being taught this valuable knowledge. Without it they can not protect this country in the future.Thank you for making it so easy for parents to teach and defend our wonderful country." (F.T., Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"Just wanted to let you know I received the book "We Love Our Country" that I ordered and it was wonderful!  It was very clear and easy to understand, keep up the wonderful work!" (D.H., Hastings, MN)

"Great job on the Sue Jeffers show. I am proud to call you a friend. Your book is just outstanding. Maybe if everyone read it they would understand their God given rights." (T.C., Hastings, Minnesota)

"Our son, age 13, has really enjoyed your book so much. He said it made him think about how the country was started, and what its goals were then and what they are today. He said it's a great book and hopes that his brother (age 11) will read it too. My husband is excited to read it when he comes home." (J.L., Mendota Heights, Minnesota)

"I read We Love Our Country over the weekend and just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the book. Every child in school should be required to read and understand the contents of your book. I am not sure if they still teach this in our socialistic school system. Thank you for writing the book and thank you for all you are trying to do to SAVE OUR COUNTRY!" (L.L., Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"Our Constitution is the highest law in the United States. Children can benefit greatly from this book that is precise and simple to read.  Children will truly understand how our government works and why!" ( J.C., Minneapolis, Minnesota)   

"It is the perfect Constitutional primer."  (N.B., Bloomington, Minnesota) 

"Thank you for writing your book - What a terrific resource it is!" (J.L, St. Paul, Minnesota)

"Finally, a book with all the necessary basic information in it to understand what our Country is about."

 (B.B., Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"This book is for children and adults alike, and contains a timely and succinct study of the principles and beliefs our Founding Fathers held that are reflected in the writings and freedoms of the United States' founding documents. The book contains pertinent quotes from presidents past, including Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe as well as The Declaration of Independence, U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Pledge of Allegiance. The book is well-suited for teachers because the information is located in one source that also contains a removable guide outlining our basic freedoms and responsibilities as U.S. citizens. It is written in a simple and direct fashion, and, according to the author it is written, "especially for children, to learn more accurately, and to appreciate the timeless relevance of, our Country's Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America. An enlightening read, and well worth the time because of the feelings of pride and patriotism it inspires." (L.W., Prior Lake, Minnesota)


from "T.C."

"Over the past year we have all exchanged e-mails and phone calls. Let's face it, we all knew to some extent that the news we get is slanted  and sometimes beyond the realm of reality. Some of us remember what the press did during the reporting of Vietnam, South America and so forth, so we are very skeptical to say the least. So like the rest of you, I fully admit I never read or listen to the news without that skeptical thought.

So why this e-mail? Well, it is my personal experience I have to tell you about. This summer I spent 3 weeks in Europe, not London, not Berlin not the hubs of commerce and the arts, but small German (and the old East German portion of Germany)  and the Czech Republic villages, small towns and farms. This of course includes those special meeting places called  bars and pubs. Here I have to interject that the best bar sign I saw was in Mokouse in the Czech Republic. They only have one bar,  and it's next to the Mayor's office ( now that is great planning!) The sign was quite old but here is what it said: "When Columbus discovered America, all the Czech's came home." By the way, they love America and they love Americans . So here are the major facts...

1.CNN and MSNBC are so anti -American over there that you would think Tokyo Rose and Jane Fonda were girl scouts. What they say about you would cause a fight on the streets. I was appalled. You military people are nothing but the tools of the radical right wing republicans. I am not making that one up; I even toned it down. These stations come free on TV satellite subscriptions, but for FOX and Sky News, you have to pay.

2. You want to discuss communism or the Russians with the people along the German Polish border of the old East Germany, the Czech Republic. They start to shake, their voices quiver, there is hate and tears. Let me tell you, with freedom comes laughter, smiles, a helping hand ,friendship. They do not take this freedom lightly. They remember, they remember all too well. The Poles and the Germans hate the animals they call the Russians; they love you , you gave them freedom.

3. The Czech's love Americans beyond words. One late night in Plzen, another retired military guy (grunt) and I went to the oldest bar in Plzen. Wow... right out of one of those old oil paintings, long tables with a subdued table light that gave off golden hues,  people smoking heaters and drinking beer with soft conversation. Old, very old, pictures on the walls, a genealogists and history buff's  heaven. Then we are asked if we are Americans. A yes, then the next question, Were you in the military? Another yes, then the big one, Did we serve in Vietnam?. Why that question? What have we walked into? We of course answered together, Yes we did. I have no idea what was said, but we were hugged , thanked, given gifts and handshakes. Thirty-six years later we are thanked for serving in Vietnam and for being in the USA military, in a bar in Plzen in the Czech Republic. Get the picture? That is never going to happen in Minneapolis, Minnesota or Berkeley, California

4. Later, we find out  that every May they have a Parade in Plzen with old American vehicles and with old U. A. Army  uniforms being worn to celebrate them being  freed from the Nazi occupation by the American Army in May 1945. Yes, they love you, even when they were behind that Iron Curtain. One day after the fall of the USSR, the main street in Plzen was renamed from Stalin's Way to the American Way. They love you.

5. I just was  sent the  front page paper from the Czech Republic by a relative who is 86 years old. Jiri was 10 years old when the Nazi's came to his town and he spent his life behind the Iron Curtain. The head line says: "Obama yields to the Russians and is submissive to their wishes." See ? We are their only hope and they now consider Obama a socialist and they are confused.

So why would I take the time to write this all? Last night with a bunch of neighbors all scared for their children and what is happening across America and believing they are hated throughout the world, I had to explain my experience, show them pictures, tell them what I just told you, and then I told them about you. See, on this address list are some real hero's, and I am blessed to know them. I was blessed to be given guidance by them, blessed to serve with them. They have done more for this country in one day than one can even imagine or others will do in an entire life time. They, too, I think need to be told those folks in Europe love and thank you.

Bottom line  is that we Americans are loved and we are thanked everyday and it is important that you know that. Last summer  I found out a hundred times over, we Americans are their only beacon of freedom, there is no one else. We go, they go. Now if Canada can figure that one out.

With respect


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