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100 pages. $12.95. 3rd Edition

-- Short & Clearly Organized to Explain Our Rights & Freedoms 

-- Easy to Read

-- Great as A Study Guide or Teaching Tool

Based on the writings of our Founding Fathers, this book provides a short, simple, and organized explanation of the rights and freedoms we have as Americans, the Constitutional Republican government they implemented of limited Federal powers, and the responsibility American citizens have to support and preserve the Republic that protects our rights and freedoms.

The book is for all ages, 7 through adult, to learn more accurately, and to appreciate the timeless relevance of, our Country’s Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America. The book may also be used as a speaker outline as well as an instructional tool by parents, teachers, and religious and organizational leaders. As reference material, the book contains applicable quotes of our first five Presidents who were Founding Fathers, the above Founding documents, the Bill of Rights, and the Pledge of Allegiance. 


"Our Country is the United States of America…And we love our Country because it was created with knowledge that everyone is born with natural rights from our Creator. These rights are called Natural Law, and they include the equal right to….


"…And we love our Country because our Republican form of government serves and protects us by following established laws, the laws of our Federal Constitution. The laws of the Constitution are timeless and always relevant as they are ....


"...Our rights guarantee many freedoms which, in  order to exist, are dependent upon self-reliance, reflected in opportunity, and preserved by morality and civility...


"...We have the individual responsibility to preserve the rights and freedoms it offers, not only for us, but for everyone. We have the responsibility to…"

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