Read the Principles of Liberty

Q. What is the book about?

A. It is based on the writings of our Founding Fathers and provides an explanation of the rights and freedoms we have as Americans, the Constitutional Republican government they implemented of limited Federal powers, and the responsibility American citizens have to support and preserve the Republic that protects our rights and freedoms.

I have written a very concise and logical synopsis of the Country’s basic principles and why our Founders   wanted our government form to be a Republic and not a Democracy. I also outline the intent of the Constitution and why it will never be out of date or irrelevant.

The book includes two of the founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America, and 13 pages of quotes of our first five Presidents who were Founding Fathers to give us further insight.

Q. Why did you write the book? Why is the book important?

A. Too many people do not understand the knowledge and reasoning behind the formation of our Republic or the intent of our constitution. If they knew accurately what our Country is about and how it is supposed to function, any movement with a core belief the constitution is flawed or outdated and is a  living document that can be widely interpreted would not be influencing our political leaders and children.

So I wrote the book:

  • To inform those who have not been taught the principles of freedom and what our Country gives us and represents.
  • To help explain why our Founders implemented a Republican form of government, why we need to preserve it, and our actions as citizens that will protect it.
  • To provide the guideline or checklist to measure any candidate or piece of legislation against to know if they support the laws of our land, if they support a Republican form of government, and  if they protect our rights and freedoms.

To some, individual liberty and American prosperity are considered selfish and oppressive. This is not true if one knows what the Founding Fathers knew about human nature and governmental authority that is intrusive and unchecked.

Q. Who is the intended audience?

A. Everyone.  Speakers and teachers can use the book as a presentation outline or as a complete lesson plan. It is for those who do not remember or do not know what our Country is about and want to be  more knowledgeable.

There is a quote by John Adams in my book that says, “Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” Parents and grandparents will want to teach the children in their lives about the principles of freedom, so I see the book as a family sharing opportunity, and those who home- school will find the book useful.

What makes the book unique is that it can be read cover to cover in about 20 to 25 minutes. 

The information that is contained in the book is quite extensive and thorough but it has been written in a  condensed,  logical manner so it is extremely easy to read and understand. The founding documents and  founder quotes are useful as reference material and help adults and children alike learn more accurately what a special form of government we were given, different than any other in the world.

Q. What is the message to be taken away from the book?  What is the main point that is being missed in discussions?

A. The constitution is not a living document. It is timeless and relevant, and protects rights and freedoms that other Countrys do not provide and protect. We also need to know our Country is founded on Natural Law, or God’s Law, and we cannot take God out of our institutions. If we do, our constitution is null and void.

Our Founders gave us a very special form of government. We need to protect and preserve it. We need  to know what they knew so we fully understand what our form of government gives to us. We need to  appreciate what we have and love our Country, not to always find things wrong with it and think the whole system has to be dismantled when maybe only a few pieces of legislation have to be changed.

We are the greatest nation on Earth. Let’s start saying it.

Q. What is your personal story/history/how it ties into the book?

A. I have many years experience as an instructor and a training curriculum developer, so I know how to  communicate what needs to be said and to the point. My graduate degree also included the study of human nature and I recognized immediately the Founders also knew a lot about human nature and used it as a basis for writing the founding documents.


But the main reason I wrote the book was as a 9/12 Project after several personal realizations.


I could be called an ordinary citizen, not particularly involved politically except for the last few years, and not totally understanding the history of our Country’s founding and the reasoning behind our Constitution. 


I don’t know if I did not ever learn about it or just forgot, but something did not make sense to me last year learning a certain elected senator had said the Founding Fathers had created a flawed constitution because they had created  constraints and constructed “a charter of negative liberties”. He also said it did not address redistribution of wealth and the Courts in the 1960s did not make radical changes to bring about redistributive change for social and economic justice. This senator had said the constitution does not say what the Federal Government can do on our behalf. 


I knew on a gut level that his interpretation was not what the Founding Fathers wanted the constitution to do (it does list the Federal Government’s powers) and I also knew what redistribution meant. This was not the language of a free society of individual liberty and economic freedom, and I did not understand how this person was ever elected with his particular anti-American stance.  To me, it indicated there are many voters who are uninformed, otherwise  he and others like him would not be elected.


I was then able to see how many of our youth are believing America is oppressive and expressing it in socialist or   Marxist terms. Social justice, economic justice, capitalism is ultimately bad and unfair, the Federal Government is expected to do certain things, and certain issues and equal outcome are “rights” are not the language of our Founding Fathers. It was clear our history and constitution were not known and/or interpreted incorrectly, and we have elected officials believing government is to legislate prosperity rather than it arising from productivity. Where  were the elected officials who speak in terms of freedom to choose and to opportunity, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency?


If we were a government for the people, of the people, and by the people, something was terribly askew.


I concluded we as a Nation no longer had a clear knowledge of our history and what our Founders had implemented, so people are primed to be caught up in a socialistic way of thinking.  If correct and truthful points of reference are not known, then we do not know if candidates are truthful and if pieces of legislation are ultimately good for us. 


Questions we need to answer include:

  • How do we know if candidates support the constitution and our rights and freedoms our Founders spoke of? 
  • How do we know if someone is telling us the truth about our Country and how it is supposed to function?  
  • Are they part of an anti-American movement that on the surface might appear to be more just than the system our Founders put in place? 

If we don’t know certain principles, then we are prime for getting caught up in a movement that believes the core fundamentals of our Country are unjust and need to change. That would mean our Constitution would be legislated against and we will become a socialistic nation.


We need to know what our Founding Fathers knew, so the book provides the information to get people started in   understanding why they gave us a Republic and a constitution. Both protect individual liberty and economic freedom and are good for this Country. They are what makes the United States different than other countries and we need to remain different.


The book explains why our liberty and freedom and prosperity cannot be legislated against, and what we need to do to preserve our form of government that allows us to live happily.

Q. How can groups use the book for fundraising?

A. Contact me at weloveourcountry@gmail.com. I am able to sell the book in bulk at a reduced rate so organization’s can resell it for a profit.

I can also provide counter displays for the books to sit on.

You can invite me for a book signing event.

Q. Where would you suggest people donate the book?

A. To any organization for fundraising that knows the value of getting the information out there and who want to express their love for our Country.

Q. To whom should people give the book as a gift?

A. To anyone so they may know more why this is a great Country and that what it offers is different than any other country. 

Children and grandchildren will love to have the book read to them. They will also like researching the web sites listed in the book.


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