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We Love Our Country

by Mary L. Amlaw

100 pages  /  Perfect bound  /  $12.95  /  Special Bulk Discounts Available  /  Re-Sellers Welcome

3rd Edition Published January 2012  /  3rd edition includes images of the first five United States Presidents

Children and grandchildren will love to have the book read to them. They will also like researching the web sites listed in the book. What makes this book unique is that it can be read cover to cover within an hour.




--Our Country is the United States of America

--Our Country's Form of Government Is a Constitutional Republic

--We the People Keep Our Country Free and Prosperous

--Presidential Quotes

--The Founding Principles of Liberty

--The Pledge of Allegiance

--The Declaration of Independence

--The Constitution of the United States of America

--The Bill of Rights

--Other Sources

A Note from the Author

Based on the writings of our Founding Fathers, I provide a short, simple, and organized explanation of the rights and freedoms we have as human beings and as Americans, of our Constitutional Republic government, and of the responsibility American citizens have to support and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America that protects our rights and freedoms.

The book is for ages seven through adult to learn more accurately, and to appreciate the timeless relevance of, our Countrys Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The book may also be used as a speaker outline as well as an instructional tool by parents, teachers, and religious and organizational leaders.

As reference material, the book contains applicable quotes of our first five Presidents who were Founding Fathers, the above Founding documents, the Bill of Rights, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the founding Principles of Liberty. A basic understanding of Natural Law, human nature, a Republic versus a Democracy form of government, and free market versus controlled market economic systems also helps in discussing the content of the book.

As a united, assimilated, and knowledgeable Nation, we are Americans following the Founding values and principles of our Country. Doing so preserves our rights and freedoms, promotes individual and societal civility, safety and prosperity, provides clearly defined voting criteria, and enables us to recognize any movement contrary to our Constitution.

M. L. Amlaw

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